Executive Committe

CIC is managed by a ten-member Executive Committee elected for a 2-year term. The CIC Constitution allows for a maximum of two members from the same ethnic background to be elected to the Executive Committee.

At the 2023 Planning Session, CIC embarked on a Digital Transformation to improve its performance using the latest technological tools to build a cohesive community which will lead to:

  1. Streamline processes
  2. Increase efficiency
  3. Improve communication with the community
  4. Build closer collaboration with the wider community
  5. Lower operational costs and
  6. Provide greater transparency

Executive Committee Members

Ali Akbar
cictreazurer at gmail.com

Dr. Ghada Gleeson
Vice President
ghadagleeson at hotmail.com
Arif Haque
secretary at cicact.org.au
Shamsul Huda
info at 4thd.com.au
Ilyas Mohideen
ilyas_rahaman at hotmail.com
Diana Abdel-Rahman
diana007 at westnet.com.au